In this article we would focus on the hate the new iPhone is getting. The initial reaction for this new iPhone is mixed as usual. People are loving some aspects and hating some of them.

  1. Similar Design – It almost as same as iPhone 6S just with the antenna band in a different place. Without that,everything is almost the same.
  2. Same Resolution Display – Most of the flagship android devices now have a 4k display where iPhone 7 has a mere  750 x 1334 pixels (~326 PPI pixel density) display, Everybody hoped that it will come with at least 1080p display but unfortunately it didn’t.
  3. No Wireless Charging – Apple already omitted the headphone jack so one port will now be used by two peripherals which in fact will half its life expectancy.
    With no wireless charging option available if the charging port fails then your complete expensive device becomes useless.
  4. No RAM Bump – In the age of 4gb to some devices having 6gb RAM the iPhone has only 2gb of RAM like its predecessor.Some might argue that it has no use of more RAM but their are more effecient software developers who may develop more powerful games and apps which might  slow down the iPhone. And a better RAM would for sure be a
    fait accompli.
  5. No Headphone Jack – You will no longer be able to use your expensive headphones and losing the adapter,  will mean another $9 .
    Above all, now you cannot listen to music and charge your phone at the same time.