Forgot the Password? Reset, Delete or Remove Windows 7 Password

We create sometimes very difficult passwords at the same time difficult to remember for us, If you need to reset the password for Windows 7 on your computer, because you’ve forgotten it, let me first assure you that not only is this very possible, it’s not even that difficult.

Follow these easy steps to reset your Windows 7 password:

1. Reset your Windows 7 password with your password reset disk.

Which we generally don’t create, I put this step here knowing that you probably don’t have a password reset disk. However, once you get yourself back in to Windows using the remaining steps, please create one as soon as possible.

2. Download one of the following Windows password reset tools:

Either program will reset your Windows 7 password but ONTP&RE (Offline NT Password & Registry Editor) is my favorite. It’s a bit more difficult to use but tends to be more reliable and avoids a data corruption possibility that exists with PC Login Now.

3. Write or Burn the ISO file you downloaded to a disc. Make sure your burn the image properly and don’t just burn the file itself to the disc or the Windows 7 password reset program you chose will not work correctly.

4. Boot from the disc you created and let the password reset program start.

Assuming you burned the ISO properly and are booting to the disc properly, you should eventually see the start screen for either Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (here) or PC Login Now (here).

5. Now Reset your Windows 7 password using the instructions provided on screen.

6. Once the Windows 7 password reset is confirmed, remove the disc from the drive and restart your computer.

After your Windows 7 password reset, you can now login to Windows without a password at all. Your Windows 7 password will be blank if asked for one.

If Your Windows 7 Password Reset Attempt Fail?: Try the other program from Step 2 and see Tip #1 at the bottom of the page for help.

7. Now create a new Windows 7 password. that you can get back in to Windows 7, configure a new password right away.

Remember: Having a secure password is very important so please don’t keep using Windows 7 without setting one up. Just make sure it’s a password you’ll remember this time!


1. The Windows 7 password reset tools I linked to in Step 2 sometimes don’t do the job. If they didn’t for you, you could try an actual password recovery program like Ophcrack but honestly, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor and PC Login Now both tend to work better for Windows 7 passwords than Ophcrack.