Yu Yureka Tips and tricks :)

The Micromax Yu Yureka is seeing immense popularity since its release in the Indian market. Running on CyanoGenMod 11 or CM11, the device will positively receive the Lollipop update by the end of this month. The handset is available in India exclusively through Amazon. The Yu Yureka is a budget smartphone offering great specification with immense level of customization. This is quite precisely the reason why the Yu Yureka is doing exceptionally well in the Indian market. Recommended: Here are 10 New Smartphones with Android Lollipop to Buy in India in April 2015 If you own a Yu Yureka smartphone, the immense flexibility of the CyanoGenMod offers you to customise things in a colossal manner. Here are 10 cool things that you can do with your Yu Yureka smartphone.

Note: The steps mentioned below will open up complex settings on the device for further fine-tuning. I am not responsible if your smartphone is damaged in the process. If you’re not sure about it, please take expert advice.

Edit The Quick Settings

Menu For accessing the option, drag down the notification notification menu by swiping down over the display. Click on the right topmost icon to open the quick settings screen. Click on the ‘+’ (Plus) icon that appears left to it. It will lead you to ‘Tiles and Layout’ screen, tap on ‘Add’ icon that appears below. It will allow you to choose any function you ask for.

Change The Way Your Lock Screen Looks 

Any Android device can be recognised from it’s lock screen. The monotony extends to high-end handsets too. What we see most is notifications, alerts and weather reports. With CyanoGen Mod 11 customizing your lock screen is actually possible. For doing that, go to the system settings, and tap on the lock screen menu inside the personalisation section.

Tailor Your User Profiles

Setting up a custom profile can actually change the look, feel and useability of the device. You can choose your phones connectivity options including Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Data auto sync, mobile data, portable WiFI hotspot, volume overrides and more. For setting up the profiles, head to System settings menu and tap on ‘Profiles’ tab under ‘Personal’ category and click on the settings menu of individual profiles by tapping on the extreme right.

Customise Your Sound Notifications 

Yureka allows you to change your smartphone’s behaviour while you are sleeping. The CyanogenMod based OS allows you to customise the phone ringer according to callers, mute notifications, haptic feedback, system sound and vibration so that you can set the phone to wake up with a particular contact’s call. For activating the feature, open system settings and head to ‘Device’ category, tap on ‘Sounds’ tab and click ‘Quiet Hours’ to activate the feature.

Save On Your Precious Battery Life 

Go to the Settings->Display & Lights->Sleep and reduce the sleep timing. Go to the Settings-> About Phone options and keep tapping on the build number until you get the ‘You’re now a Developer’ prompt. Now go to Developer Options and change the runtime to ART.

Customise The HomeScreen

For customising the home screen, you just need to visit Home screen and tap a tad long. A menu will pop up from the button with all 3 options. Choose the required one. Cyanogen has already made available a big theme and wallpaper store, from where you can download wallpapers and themes. For downloading them, you need to sign up for a cyanogens account.

Activate Double-Tap Wake Up & Sleep

For activating the function, go to Settings-> ‘Display and Lights’ under the ‘Device’ section and scroll down to the check box section. Check on ‘Double-tap to sleep’ and ‘Double tap to wake’. Now click twice on the display to activate sleep mode and click twice to wake it up.


Activate The Adaptive Backlight

This feature is helpful, as your screen brightness level is automatically adjusted according to the light in the environment. The feature can be enabled by going to the ‘Display and Lights’ section inside the ‘Settings menu. Scroll down to get the Advance settings section. Check the ‘Adaptive backlight’ option.

Single Touch Camera

Launch Yu Yureka doesn’t feature any hardware camera button to activate the camera straight away. However, you can initiate a camera button at the Notification bar by the same process written above to achieve ‘Edit Quick Settings menu’.